IUSS diversity, equity, and inclusive policy

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IUSS diversity, equity, and inclusive policy


The International Union of Soil Sciences and the National Soil Science Societies that comprise it needs to ensure an inclusive and equitable environment for all, and in all its actions and activities to assure equity, equality, and diversity by offering the same opportunities for all.

To accomplish it, IUSS needs to develop, implement, and monitor a policy that guarantees as a fundamental part of that equity, diversity, and inclusion a policy the rejection of all practices which lead to the encouragement and reinforcement of discriminatory behaviors.

For IUSS as an inclusive organization it is self-evident that:

  • Every person belonging to the International Union of Soil Sciences must treat others, with respect and consideration, always keeping professional behavior both in oral and written communication.
  • The IUSS guarantees within itself and for all its members: mutual trust, respect, and integrity in an environment free of all kinds of harassment and open to diversity, equity, and inclusion. To achieve this, it must be taken for granted to provide its members with an environment that encourages the free expression and exchange of all scientific ideas, proposals, and opinions.
  • The International Union of Soil Sciences as a scientific society offers equal opportunities and fair treatment for all members, regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, economic status, language, religion, disability, discipline, ethnicity, or migratory status, through:

           1.-  Offering all its members equal opportunities to reach recognition and leadership roles.

2.- IUSS needs to work to encourage and systematize the exchange of information concerning actions in favor of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the soil sciences societies comprising it.

3.- IUSS will review and monitor gender equity and geographical inclusion in leadership positions, invited speakers, event organizers and IUSS publications.

4.- According to its Statutes and Bye-Laws, IUSS will ensure that within its Divisions and Commissions, there is a geographical distribution and gender equity.

5.- IUSS will take special care that the proposals to integrate its IUSS Standing Committees comply not only with a geographical distribution including participants from all continents but also that they maintain gender equity.

6.-  IUSS will offer for its congresses the same number of scholarships and travel grants for male scientists as for female scientists.

7.- IUSS will support the inclusion of early career scientists and from middle to low-income countries in the society’s activities.

Approved by the IUSS Council in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 4th, 2022

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